British Flowers

Well it seems like Summer has barely started but the British season is about two thirds of the way through.

Un-like our imported stock the British Flower Season is unique as in it does actually have a natural season. Sometimes this can be a little frustrating due to the unpredictable British weather with some crops only available for one week, this was the case with our Scabious grower this year.

It it always an exciting time to move through the season with different product coming and going week by week. The season starts with Tulips (most definitely the longest crop of the season) which start in December then we head into Daffodil season with indoor initially closely followed by the Cornish outdoor crops.

Stocks are always a favourite for their beautiful fragrance and around this time we also see Sweet Williams in the local fields here in Spalding. We had a short burst of alliums as well as some Oriental Lillies.

Everyone is always excited for the Peony season which is almost always for the month of June and some of July - this is one of the flowers which still very much has a season both in the UK and Holland.

The Delphiniums, Scabious, Larkspur, Gypsophila and Sunflowers arrive just in time for the Wedding season. This years crop of Delphiniums were stunning.

Now we look forward to the crop of Asters and Chrysanthemums as we head to the Autumn season.

Local growers as well as the Flower Auction here in Spalding featured on a recent episode of Country File. Please select the following link to watch this on catchup -

Although the florist industry couldn't survive on British Flowers alone I am sure many of you would agree that just like the British Strawberry season there is always something really exciting about home grown product.